Sunday, August 30, 2009

Resist with MicroGlaze and Glimmer Mist

I thought I'd share with you this cool resist technique you can do with MicroGlaze and Glimmer Mist. It's a simple process with cool results.

1) Lay your screen or stencil down on your paper. Lightly spritz over it with the Glimmer Mist, covering the entire area of the paper.

You can use multiple colors if you wish.

2) Lift off your screen (or stencil) and use your heat tool to dry the paper completely.

3) Lay the screen (or stencil) back down in the stamp position over the image and hold with one hand; with your other hand, dip your brush into the MicroGlaze and brush from the center outward to the edges of the paper, until the entire area of the paper is covered.

4) Lift your screen (or stencil) off and spritz over the entire project with a contrasting color of Glimmer Mist.

5) Wipe away excess color with a paper towel.

Taaaaa da!

(You can use plastic stencils or brass stencils for this technique.)

Hope you get a chance to give it a try!


  1. My friend, as always, you are just so cool! Can't stand it.

  2. Very cool! I will definitely be trying this when I can get some of that glaze.

  3. Ok, I will be trying this for sure!! LOVE the look of this technique!!! Fantastic Tutorial!!

  4. Gosh that is gorgeous! I love it. Will have to give that a try!!!! Clever you!!!

  5. very awesome effect...
    is the microglaze by Judi-kins?

  6. W-a-y cool, Vicki!!! Love this project and you're made is sooooooo easy to duplicate; thanks!

  7. Too stinkin' cool Miss Vicky. Headed out the door to try to find that glaze.

  8. What a great technique! You amaze me! LindaC

  9. that's way cool....I guess I gotta go buy MORE craft supplies. darn it.
    Mindy from Central Fla.

  10. Yes.... MicoGlaze is from Judikins